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First Advisor

Dr. William Fenn

Second Advisor

Sherrie Toth


The treatment of HIV is constantly changing. The news sensationalizes the latest treatments often making people believe that a cure is within sight. What they don't report is how that new drug will impact the life of the patient it is designed to help. Although a cure is not within sight, many are beginning to hope that with the latest treatments HIV will become a chronic illness. With a chronic illness quality of life issues become more important. This paper will focus on the different antiretroviral therapies of HIV patients and how these treatments affect the patients' lives. It is important to examine the effects of these treatments on all areas of a patient's life. This will lead to developing a holistic approach to caring for a patient with HTV. To establish a treatment regimen for a HIV patient that will give the patient the best quality of life it is vital to establish a holistic and individual therapy protocol.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only