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First Advisor

Mark Orbe, Communication

Second Advisor

Julie Apker, Communication


Telecommuting, or working from a remote location, is a very popular idea that has gained growing support from employees and companies over the past decade. The opportunity to stay home and do work appeals to employees, and the ability to reduce overhead costs appeals to the company. Developing a program that outlines how this arrangement would take place is vital. Outlined are a few of the components that should be included in this type of arrangement.

First, the telecommuter situation will be on a trial basis for a predetermined amount of time. The company or the employee has the right to terminate this arrangement at any time and the employee will be allowed to return back to the office.

Second, the employee will work at home for three days a week and be in the office for two. This will allow the telecommuters to stay in touch with the office environment while allowing two workers to effectively share the same space.

Third, the employee is responsible for furnishing his or her own equipment and furniture. This includes a computer, internet access, as well as office space. Second To None needs to develop a set of guidelines as to what the employee must furnish as well as what an acceptable home office looks like. Employees unable to meet this standard will not be allowed to telecommute.

Fourth, Second To None will be able to support telecommuters through software and hardware upgrades within a few months. There are a few minor upgrades and overhauls being completed.

Fifth, Second To None should be selective about who they allow to participate in the program. A strict acceptance policy, based on company service time, formal discipline, and annual reviews is necessary. Employees not meeting the required standards will not be allowed to participate.

Finally, Second to None should begin a trial program with a few participants. This will allow those involved to work out the inevitable kinks in the program before being opened to the entire company.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access