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First Advisor

Dr. Eric Fox

Second Advisor

Dr. Alyce Dickinson

Third Advisor

D. Edward Parsons


A computer-based training program was developed to teach incoming fabrication department employees at a Midwestern aluminum manufacturing company how to use three tools: the caliper, the protractor, and the lineal measuring machine. Empirically-based design techniques were used to help create the computer-based instruction. Three employees of the company with no experience using the tools completed the training program. The training program was developed using Macromedia Flash and consisted of six different components: an introduction, a pretest, three practice sections and a posttest. All of the training, as well as the pretest and posttest, was delivered on the computer. The researchers printed the answers to the tests and hand scored them. A print-based survey regarding the participants' attitudes toward the program was also administered. The effectiveness of the program was demonstrated by the participants' strong performance on the posttest, and a statistically significant increase in scores from pretest (M= 14.3, SD = 0.58) to posttest (M= 36.3, SD = 1.53), t(2) = + 19.13, p < .05. Comments from participants on the attitude survey indicated an overall satisfied experience with the training. The study demonstrated how computer-based instruction can solve the training needs of manufacturing companies quickly and effectively.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only