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First Advisor

Dr. Richard Malott

Second Advisor

Dr. John Austin

Third Advisor

Dr. Edward Daly


Why put off tomorrow what can be done today? This has been the question posed to countless people to encourage them to keep working, even when faced with the overwhelming possibility of never being able to finish the daunting task in front of them. At the heart of this advice, however, rests an issue that is very pertinent to the daily activities of the busy world, no matter how trite or overused the phrase may have become. As a culture, we more often than not will opt to put off a task that we could be working on at the moment in favor of dealing with it at a later time. Nowhere is this more true, perhaps, than in academia. Each semester, student after students opts to put off until tomorrow what he or she could surly do today. With such a rampant epidemic of procrastination running loose upon the planet, it is a wonder that we have not all abandoned hope and given up for good. There is a solution, however, to our problems. Self-management has proven itself to be an effective tool for combating the problem of procrastination in academia.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only