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First Advisor

Dr. John Austin

Second Advisor

Ryan Olsen


The service staff of a fine dining restaurant in a mid-western town was responsible for setting up two dining rooms and two server stations for lunch and dinner services. They had twenty-eight opening duties and twenty-three closing duties that they often failed to complete. There were also restaurant menu items and service policies about which the staff was unclear. A functional assessment suggested that problems in the completion of tasks were the result of ineffective prompts, inadequate and inconsistent training, and a lack of performance contingencies. Consequently, a treatment package was designed that included task checklists, feedback, and training to improve the consistency of task completion and staff knowledge. Performance increased from a baseline average of 56.3% completion of a.m. tasks to an average of 81.9% during the intervention phase, and from a baseline average of 50.8% completion of p.m. tasks to an average of 89.3 %during the intervention phase. Performance on server knowledge tests increased from an average of 77.1% accuracy during baseline to an average of 85.3% accuracy following the training intervention.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only