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First Advisor

Dr. Joetta Carr

Second Advisor

Dr. Helen Pratt

Third Advisor

Kathryn Taylor


Negative body image is becoming more and more prevalent among young females. Many factors influence the development of body image, including parents, peers, teachers, and the media. Since television and magazines are highly accessible to children and adolescents, these outlets are used as a form of role modeling for girls. Researchers have begun to study at what age body image develops and how the media affects it, and also what can be done to interfere during maturity. Prevention programs need to be age appropriate and contain material that stimulates young minds and introduces new concepts. Many programs have been implemented in elementary, middle and high school, and college, which have shown promising results. This paper provides an overview of the negative impact the media has on developing girls, adolescents, and young women, as well as what interventions have been applied attempting to prevent, or reverse, these effects.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only