Date of Defense




First Advisor

Dr. Barbara Havira

Second Advisor

Dr. John Houdek

Third Advisor

Sharon Carlson


The Navy Department's V-12 College Training Program during World War II gave young men the necessary background to be commissioned as officers in either the Navy or the Marine Corps. The program combined military elements, such as physical training, adherence to schedules and regulations, and instruction in military etiquette and tactics, with academic instruction in the setting of colleges and universities across the United States. Western Michigan College was one of 131 institutions selected from a qualifying group of 500 to host a V-12 unit. Navy and Marine trainees stationed at Western Michigan not only learned the basics of military life and had the opportunity to earn college credit, but they also participated in extra-curricular activities and events which allowed them to experience college life in the role of student.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only