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There has never been a book in history that has changed the world as much as the Christian bible. Though the New Testament was written and compiled over 1800-1900 years ago, the impact of it is still being felt today. Christianity is the world's largest religion and has been the prime mover of history ever since the person of Jesus was born around 5 B.C. The foundational aspect of Christianity, besides the person of Christ, is the New Testament. Its twenty-seven books are considered to be the inspired word of God by Christians. A literary work that makes such a claim arouses curiosity and makes one question how such a collection of writings could be given such an illustrious credential. If for no other reason than to attempt to explain the impact Christianity has had on the world, one should investigate the New Testament- its claims, its credentials, and its composition. Such a study in these areas of the New Testament will yield some answers to the question of why this book has changed the world.

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