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Dr. Donald Fixico

Second Advisor

Dr. Dale Porter

Third Advisor

Tom Thinnes


The Cherokee Indians, who in the early 19th century adopted many Anglo-American ways, were more "advanced" than their Native American counterparts. In only three decades from 1800 to 1830, three mixed-blood Cherokees made a significant impact on the future of the Cherokee Nation: Sequoyah developed a syllabary in the Cherokee language, Elias Boudinot edited the first bilingual American Indian newspaper, and Principal Chief John Ross fought against Cherokee removal. The Cherokee Phoenix served as a political tool in the struggle between progressives such as Boudinot and traditionalists led by Ross. Even today, the Cherokee Nation must deal with progressive versus traditional issues. The importance of the Cherokee Phoenix begins with the origins of Cherokee journalism and the syllabary of Sequoyah and ends with its role as a political tool in defense of its people's interest.

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Honors Thesis-Campus Only