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Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies

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Dr. Joe Miller


After completing all the collegiate music education method classes, I consider myself well equipped to enter a classroom as a full fledged teacher. That is the case until I stop and think about how much I still do not know. I have seen countless books that suggest the correct way to correct vocal problems, or how to develop the conducting gesture. I have read articles providing information on how to run effective warm-ups and how to isolate and correct trouble spots in the music. These detailed issues are important to know but when I look at the bigger picture I become overwhelmed. How does it all fit together? Once I choose a piece of music how do I know how long it will take for students to learn the piece? Nowhere in my studies did I find the answer to these questions. Thankfully, my choral conducting class shed some light on this subject. Through the guidance of a seasoned conductor I began to discover a logical way to determine how much estimated rehearsal time is needed to learn any given piece of music. The following is a break down of this system.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only