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Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Gwen raaberg

Second Advisor

Dr. Larry tenHarmsel

Third Advisor

Dr. Stephanie A Gauper


Elizabeth Bishop, that enigmatic literary individual, continues to pervade the 20th century imagination. Her poems challenge our often lax perception and resist simple answers to complex questions of epistemology, offering instead a shifting dialectic that modulates according to an alternating distance from and connectivity to the world, a process which resembles, absurdly, bubble-making: the poet eases the filmy materials of her life into a perfect, precarious rainbow bubble which floats briefly on air until it bursts under its own weight (or is it lightness?). Bishop waves many such bubbles in the air, creating an ephemeral rainbow whose bubbles are, ironically, eternally preserved in verse, simultaneously imitating the processes of life while resisting the tendencies of wholeness to scatter into its many parts.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only