Date of Defense



Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Ariel Anderson

Second Advisor

Dr. M. Arthur Garmon

Third Advisor

James Muchmore


When I began my studies through the Carl and Winifred Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University in the fall of 1995, I had mixed feelings about doing the capstone requirement, the thesis. In one respect, I never imagined myself accomplishing such a large undertaking. In another respect, I could not see myself not completing all of the requirements for the Honors College program, including the "dreaded" thesis! As I began my final year of college, I had pretty much decided against doing the thesis. I had a lot of other things to worry about. This was my last year of college, my last year to enjoy the college experience, the time that I would begin to say good-bye to college and begin to prepare myself for what lay beyond the walls of school.


Fourth Advisor: Margaret Watson

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only