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First Advisor

Dr. Carolyn Harris

Second Advisor

Dr. Robert Felkel


Unlike other western countries, and especially its European neighbors, Spain's recognition and protection of civil rights for its citizens has been relatively recent. The position of women in Spain today is still significantly shaped by the history of the country. Conor McLoughlin describes their situation: "The position of workers and peasants in the 1920s and 1930swas bad. If you were female it was appalling. Conditions for Spanish women were oppressive and repressive in the extreme. The position of women in Spain in the1930s was similar to that in many Muslim countries today. They had no independence, could be 'given away' in arranged marriages and single women were not allowed out without chaperones" (McLoughlin, n.d.). Francisco Franco's long, regressive dictatorship (1939-1975) over a people and an economy that was primarily based on agriculture helped to sustain traditional practices and attitudes toward women that are still felt today.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only