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Gender and Women's Studies

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Tracy Hall


With the word feminism comes thousands of different definitions and ideas. When discussing the movements and waves of feminism many people are lost in personal bias and misconceptions. The misjudgment of feminism is detrimental to the success and future of this political movement. It is important that feminism, as a maturing political and social movement, be re-defined continuously. That is why constant re-evaluation of feminism and the new wave is necessary. As a third wave of feminism begins, it includes members of different social, cultural and political walks of life by expanding its priorities and ideologies. Due to the work and accomplishments of the first and second waves of feminism, feminists today are able to expand their issues of concern, while incorporating the values and lifestyles of more women and men into the movement. The intentions of this paper are not only to define and substantiate third wave feminism, but also to provide insight into a political movement that many women in their mid twenties to early thirties feel a part of due to its more inclusive practices and open-minded philosophies, while exploring the stigma on feminism and the movement.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only