Date of Defense



Gender and Women's Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Gwenn Raaberg

Second Advisor

Deborah Bartz


During the early 1970's, a new issue of study arose in the field of education. Researchers in the field realized that a gender bias existed in schools and was having a dramatic effect on female students. Since then, there have been major studies done and much more has been uncovered concerning gender bias. Researchers discovered a strong force that is shortchanging girls in education. Gender socialization and gender bias fills the classroom everyday. Through research, we have identified the problems that have existed but have been virtually ignored. As girls go through school, they start to falter and their self esteem plummets as a result of gender bias; for boys it is a different story. A review of research on this topic, as well as my own research that have I conducted, will show that girls in the classroom are attacked by gender biased curriculum, stereotypes and gender segregation. Thus, resulting in unfair treatment and devastating effects on a girl's social and educational development.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only