Date of Defense




First Advisor

Dr. Nicolas Witschi

Second Advisor

Dr. Casey McKittrck


A man named Jared is playing with his dog. It is mid-May in a rural area of the Northern Plains of the United States. Jared has a Frisbee that he tosses ahead of him as he follows behind his companion. They are in a hilly, tree-filled park with warm sun beams penetrating the dust that follows the dog in a trail as he runs. The dog grabs the Frisbee off the ground after it falls and gallops back to his owner. Jared bends down to take the toy and feels the wetness of the dog's mouth on it, as he smiles and wrestles it from the canine's jaws. He wipes the drool on the side of his jeans and continues to walk, the dog circling him in anticipation of the next Frisbee hurl. They continue on like this, until they tire and return home.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only