Date of Defense

Spring 3-22-2001


Biological Sciences

First Advisor

Leonard J. Beuving, Biological Sciences

Second Advisor

Christine A. Byrd, Biological Sciences

Third Advisor

Jan Hall, University of Michigan


The effect of indomethacin on heterotopic ossification following surgical treatment of acetabular fractures was analyzed with respect to occurrence and severity of heterotopic ossification. The study was randomized, placebo-controlled, and double-blind. The Brooker/Moed Classification system was used to determine the level of heterotopic ossification that was present in each patient at the six-week follow-up visit. The analyses were performed on pilot data. Seven out of the eighteen subjects showed radiographic evidence of hetertopic ossification. Of these seven, three were in the placebo group and four were in the indomethacin group. A Pearson chi sqaure test was used to compare the difference in the rate of heterotopic ossification among the experiment groups. The difference was not found to be statistically significant. Due to the small sample size, the results obtained do not necessarily reflect the actual effects of indomethacin on the formation of heterotopic bone. A sample size of 118 subjects is necessary to achieve statistical power of 80%. When completed, the full study is expected to show whether or not indomethacin is effective in reducing the severity of heterotopic ossification under the above-mentioned circumstances.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only