Date of Defense

Fall 4-19-2011

Date of Graduation



Political Science

First Advisor

Mustafa Mughazy, Foreign Languages

Second Advisor

Gunther M. Hega, Political Science

Third Advisor

Blain Auer, Comparative Religion


Arab Spring


This paper explores the potential for meaningful political reform in Egypt at the hands of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The research encompasses six major sections: the general history of the Muslim Brotherhood, the current organization structure of the Muslim Brotherhood, its current ideology, the Muslim Brotherhood's participation in, and the effects of, the 2005 and 2010 Egyptian Parliamentary Elections, the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, and finally an analysis of the Muslim Brotherhood's role in post-Revolutionary Egypt. The research for this paper was completed in two phases. The first phase consisted of analyzing the works of other scholars in both Arabic and English. The second phase of research took place in Egypt over the course of three months, during which time the 2010 Egyptian Parliamentary Elections were held, and also during which time the author was able to interview multiple subjects as well as observe the unfolding of the election process and its aftermath. Due in a large measure to the 2011 Revolution, the Brotherhood will largely be unable to create meaningful political reform without the consent of the general public who, at the time of writing, hold the fate of Egypt in their hands.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only