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First Advisor

Dr. Todd J. Barkman

Second Advisor

Dr. Stephen B. Malcolm

Third Advisor

Dr. Steven L. Kohler


This study was done to analyze the degree of change to Bishop's Bog in Portage, MI in the last 40 years. This was done by completing a longitudinal study based on a study done in 1964 by Richard Brewer and published in The Michigan Botanist in 1966. The new study was performed on the same sample plot and used the same methods from the previous study. The two were compared using a test for association and it was found that the bog has indeed changed in the last 40 years. It was found that this could be due the presence of two invasive species that were not present previously. Further studies need to be done to assess exactly how the bog has changed. It could be natural succession or change caused by the aforementioned invasive species. This study demonstrated that Bishop's Bog is a rich local ecosystem that is in the process of changing and deserves further attention in both management and conservation to preserve such a unique community of vegetation.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only