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First Advisor

Dr. Ilya Zaslavsky

Second Advisor

Dr. Chansheng He


Trade Area Analysis is a very powerful marketing tool that can be used to accomplish a number of tasks, including analysis of clientele of retail establishments, various business services, and industrial enterprises. David Huff defines Trade Area or Market Area as being: "A demand surface containing potential customers for a specific product(s) or service (es) of a particular distribution center" (Huff, 1964) . Trade Areas can be defined for establishments of different kinds. In the analysis of Trade Areas of Industrial Enterprises, as was shown by Walter Isard who is considered by many to be the pioneer of Trade Areas Analysis, one must take into account raw materials and their transportation cost (Isard, 1956) . A different set of factors must be considered for other types of businesses. In this paper the focus will be on one specific kind of business, Retail Food Establishments. This will be developed more later on in the paper.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only