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The Schmidt Site (20 SA 192) is located in Saginaw County, south of the Cass River and just east of the Grand Trunk Railroad in the NE 1/4, sec. 19, T 11 N, R 4 E, of the Bridgeport Township (figs. 1, 2, 3). The area is a remnant of a glacial lake bottom. There is very little local relief. Higher elevation exists to the north that is called the Port Huron Moraine and to the southeast, the Juniata, Owosso and Flint Moraines. All of these systems are associated with the last advance of ice, namely the Valders Advance (fig. 1). The area has been cultivated for some time. The major crops are corn and pickles (cucumbers). There are few places that contain stabilized vegetation. This fact coupled with the flat terrain allow the westerly winds to transport much of the soil during the plowing seasons.

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