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This paper concerns a mindset prevalent in the industrial era regarding sexism. It is in the interest of creating a sustainable society that the topic of sexism will be dealt with in the following manner. It is from the perspective of "male-liberation"---a recognition of post-patriarchal values— that this mindset will be questioned. Following the example of the feminist movement, men should also be as they are and be able to live in recognition of their feminine, their yin or anima nature. Sustainability requires a deep ecological commitment, a need for diversity and individualism, and a strong sense of social responsibility. Sustainability must, by its nature, emphasize the feminine archetype. The essence of this paper is captured in the words of Lao Tzo that we must 'know the masculine yet keep to the feminine' (Capra 1985:148). Readers of this paper must be aware that their reactions to the contents are in response to their industrial mindset rather than the con tents in and of themselves. An alternative mindset will be offered from which sexism in an industrial society can be viewed from another angle. A majority of the thoughts and documentation contained in this paper are indebted to the thinking of Ivan Illich.

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