Date of Defense



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Frank Severance


The Solar Radio Frequency Tracking and Monitoring Project receives radio signals from the sun in the 28-30MHz range, processes the analog signal using electronic hardware components, and analyzes the digital signal using a LabVIEW software program. The design components chosen to implement this project include an antenna, amplifiers, filters, variable attenuator, intermediate frequency digitizing subsystem, data acquisition card, and signal evaluation software. The antenna used is a directional discontinuity ring radiator (DDRR) antenna. The amplifiers, attenuator, and filter were purchased to meet the specifications of the project. The digitizing subsystem and data acquisition card were purchased to function properly with the LabVIEW software. The software was designed to analyze the digital signal in a variety of formats, including undecimated and digitized complex, both in either single channel mode or multiple channel scan mode. There are 20 available channels in the 28-30MHzrange, each 100kHz, and the desired channel is selected within the LabVIEW program. Accurate results were obtained when testing the system with a frequency generator and spectrum analyzer, as well as with signals from the sun.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only