Date of Defense



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Johnson Asumadu

Second Advisor

Gregory Rabick


In response to a need professed by the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Test Group at Stryker Instruments in Kalamazoo, Michigan a design was formulated for an AC power source to control the supply of electricity to the GPIB-controlled instruments in their "booth" test systems. This design was implemented and tested against the original list of specifications provided by the customer. Specifically, this system is to be capable of enabling and disabling AC power to individual instruments. It can disable the power if the instrument is not used for a predetermined amount of time or if a certain day of the day is reached. This information can be configured and updated by the user in any mode combination they choose. This system can be divided into 3 major components: hardware, embedded software, and LabVTEW configuration software. The hardware includes a microcontroller that is responsible for the control of the power system and I/O interface. The software included in this microcontroller directs the hardware and keeps track of the configuration data. This data is loaded into the system using the LabVIEW configuration software. After the prototype was realized, it was tested to prove its consistency with the specifications and functionality. The prototype passed all tests, and recommendations were determined for future versions of the system to make it more effective and easier to use.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only