Date of Defense



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Frank Severance

Second Advisor

Dr. Daniel Litynski


Eaton Corporation did not have a way to effectively and efficiently test electronic clutch actuators (ECA) returned under warranty to their truck division in Galesburg, Michigan. An ECA is the component that engages and disengages the clutch of an automated transmission truck. As a senior design project, our team was asked by Eaton to design and build a test stand able to test the functionality of ECA's returned under warranty.

The project consisted of three phases. First, we created a design and picked out all the necessary components for the test stand. Testing was performed for proof of concept and to determine sizing information for some of the components. The second phase was building the test stand. This involved having a fixture manufactured, and then the assembling and wiring of the test stand. In the final phase, a testing program was created in LabVIEW that controls the system and determines if an ECA meets performance requirements.

The test sequences that the stand performs include: testing for fatal faults, communicating with the ECA, retrieving onboard data, testing the electronic speed input and analog voltage input, checking the response time, and testing the holding capability and torque output. Pass or fail testing is indicated by a green or red light on the computer screen.

The design team successfully created a test stand that meets all of the updated requirements. Total cycle time for the test is approximately one and a half minutes to test an ECA. The stand was built $25,000 under budget and has been presented to Eaton in complete working order.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only