Date of Defense



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Joseph Kelemen

Second Advisor

Dr. Damon Miller


This project has designed and built a touch screen controlled light dimmer. This light dimmer is digitally controlled by a Motorola 9S12DP256. The light dimmer incorporates a Burr-Brown ADS7846 touch screen controller and 3M microtouch touch screen to be used as an interface for the user to set the light levels. A LM339 comparator was used by the microcontroller to detect when the supply voltage crossed the zero voltage point. The touch screen is also backlit by a panel of electroluminescent material which dims and brightens in conjunction with the load. Each component of the dimmer was tested and debugged separately before each piece was integrated into a complete light dimmer device. Unfortunately, before integration was completed, there were last minute technical difficulties that prevented the total integration of the device. Had this project been fully completed, it would have resulted in a fully functional, ready to use touch screen light dimmer. Results of the individual components are discussed further in the report. In an age when nearly every piece of equipment we interact with on a daily basis is turning to digital control, this project would have contributed to that trend by providing a light dimmer which is no longer controlled by analog components, but by a digital system.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only