Date of Defense



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Janos Grantner

Second Advisor

Dr. Ikhlas Abdel-Qader

Third Advisor

Michael Strickler


A device was built to work in conjunction with the Stryker RF Generator to help manage the data collected from patient procedures. It interfaces with the RFGenerator via a serial-like port. Through this interface the device will receive procedural data and store it to an internal storage memory. At this point the device can be removed from the RF Generator and inserted into a PC's USB port. The device can then be accessed using a custom developed software program. The procedural data stored on the device can now be downloaded to the PC where it can be exported, backed up, or analyzed further.

The actual implementation of the device set out to utilize a Secure Digital memory card for the purposes of storing the procedures internally. This, however, was not successfully instigated due to possible hardware abnormalities. Therefore, the procedures were instead stored within the onboard EEPROM of the microcontroller.

Aside from the hardware, the PC software was attempted in JAVA but could not be completed within the time frame of this project. As an alternative, a software solution was developed to provide most of the original planned functionalities using Microsoft Visual Basic.

As a whole, the modified design was tested and proven to perform the primary goal this project set out to achieve. The device was able to receive data from a simulated RF Generator interface. It was able to store the procedural data to the EEPROM on the microcontroller. Finally, the PC software was able to direct the microcontroller to retrieve the procedural data from the EEPROM and transmit it to the PC.

Having satisfied the desired operating behavior, albeit not according to original specifications, the device is hereunto designated by its designers as being fully capable of serving as a platform for future development towards similar devices. With minor modifications, but primarily just given more time, this design can be made to exceed the sponsor's expectations.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only