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Computer Science


At the request of Dr, Margaret Sanders, Chair, I conducted a study of the faculty members and students of the business curriculum at WMU to discover their opinions about computer usage and the computer facilities available at the College of Business.

The computer revolution is fast changing the way business schools are doing business. This revolution has affected the course outlines, classroom settings and methods of teachings, grading and evaluating. I interviewed a small sample of faculty members and students of the College of Business to determine the extent to which they are aware of and receptive to using the available computer facilities at the business computer labs (BCL's).

To keep pace with the computer revolution some problems need to be overcome. The two greatest problems are informing faculty members and students of the available facilities at the BCL's and providing them with an appropriate orientation on the various hardware and software available at the business computer labs.

One of the problems instructors and students have experienced in working with the AppleWorks software on the Apple/ /e's and the VAX computers has been the lack of adequate documentation. The user manuals for these computers currently available in the Labs are too few, too big, or too technical for a novice user.

Therefore, Dr. Joel P. Bowman approached me with the idea of developing a more suitable manual designed to help students grasp the concepts of the software quickly and efficiently. This manual would be beneficial to students who are just beginning to use the Apple //e's and the VAX computers.

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Honors Thesis-Campus Only