Date of Defense



Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr. Robert Trenary

Second Advisor

Viviane Ruellot


My objective when starting out was to create a software system capable of producing grammatical sentences in French by using a functionally complete, if greatly simplified, grammar. That is, the computer program should be capable of generating valid French sentences, but will not be capable of producing every French sentence imaginable. The program could be seen as simulating the Broca area of the human mind, which governs syntax and sentence formation; its output is similar to what might be produced by a patient with damage to the Wernicke's area enough to sever the link between semantic thought and lexical choice.

The practical applications of such a system are limited, having mostly theoretical value; it is an exercise in the computational treatment of human language. However, it may find valuable application in education, being able to provide sentences for student to analyze, or from which problems might be generated, or with which translations might be matched.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only