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Computer Science

First Advisor

Ron Prange

Second Advisor

Waleed Al-Baloushi


An electronic trading system that provides a direct connection between buyers and sellers of exchangeable assets that allows real-time negotiation of the selling price without intervention from a middleman. The trading system includes a central trading hub that provides individual trading accounts, allowing users to log on through custodial server accounts, access all trading activities for any particular exchangeable asset, enter bid or ask offers, or buy or sell exchangeable assets to fill or partially fill the current bid or ask offers. The trading system provides the ability for users to execute multiple transactions concurrently. The trading system further includes a negotiating component that allows users to individually negotiate with the other users that have posted the current bid and ask offers. The trading system utilizes the results of the negotiating component to generate execution orders and routes them back to the custodial servers of the individual users to complete the trading transaction.


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Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only