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First Advisor

Nicholas Andreadis, Lee Honors College

Second Advisor

Susan E. Oole, Lee Honors College


website revision


As the undeniable breadth of the World Wide Web’s usefulness continues to expand at a rapid rate along with Western’s own marked growth in its faculty, buildings, and funding, so too does the demand to put that “wonder of the modern web” to use. Today’s rising scholars use the internet for their daily work now more than ever and this includes the rapid-fire atmosphere of college applications, visits, and considerations that go on near the end of high school careers. With dozens of college emails stuffing inboxes, students are accustomed to needing to learn a lot of information in a little amount of time – making ease of use and convenience absolutely critical to the success of any college’s efforts to inform and engage its students. With the Lee Honors College revamping its doors and beyond to better equip students with the tools needed to study proactively and productively, we thought it also necessary to update the web version of the LHC as well. Through a mix of professor interviews, student experiences, and informational voiceover, we aimed to help condense long pages of text into short, “chewable” minutes of the most important content, to help future scholars spend less time information hunting and more time researching and planning their future courses and career choices. It is our hope that introducing students to their peers and professors before the courses even begin will help pique their interest as well as remove some of the “scare” and hesitance behind the college process.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access