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David Curwen

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Megan Slayter


recital, dance


I create because I am more fluent in the language of movement than any other dialect. Performing and choreographing serves as an outlet through which I convey my feelings, thoughts and opinions in the most direct and innate way possible. My capstone project illiustrates that movement and language hold equal potential to impact an audience. This comprehensive work serves as a culmination of artistic exploration and includes a video of original choreography entitled Under Ouse for the 2012 Graduating Presentation Concert, Incite, In Mind. Under Ouse explores weight and momentum as well as dependence in relationships while drawing from the words of Virginia Woolf. It features seven women, each with a rock that manipulates their movements, intentions, and relationships while onstage. This project simulates the process of a typical concert production. 1 produced every aspect of this production including lighting, costuming, publicity, and scheduling, i also assisted in the commissioning of a guest choreographer from Chicago, Autumn Eckman, who created an original work for the graduating BFA seniors which i performed each night of the five show run. This project shaped my artistic aesthetic and allowed me to formulate a clear mission statement for my work. This piece will be further developed as a professional endeavor.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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Dance Commons