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Physician Assistant

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Michele L. McGrady

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Denise J. Bowen


Physician Assistant, handbook


This document extensively covers the physician assistant career and can be used as a handbook for students who are interested in learning more about the career. This thesis explores the question, what is the process of becoming a physician assistant? More specifically, I will cover the progression from a student to a fully licensed PA. Topics that are discussed include: how to prepare for a career as a PA (including the pathway to being admitted to an accredited program), the training received in an accredited program and information on certification maintenance required as a licensed physician assistant Furthermore, this document differentiates a physician assistant from other health care professions and offers discussion around some of the PA areas of practice. The areas of practice subsections discuss qualifications and training. Finally, there are two appendices found at the end of the document Appendix A provides resource information for those who wish to learn more and Appendix B offers interview transcripts from four PAs working in the field in four different areas of practice.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access