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Electrical and Computer Engineering


Electricity-Electronics I is intended to be the first of three courses in this area offered by the Industrial Arts Department. Students in this course will receive broad basic experiences in areas which are common to almost all electricity and electronics related occupations.

Students will be given the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge in such areas as electron theory, basic circuit theory, electronic components, and use of testing equipment. Experiences will be provided in order to develop the basic skills and knowledge necessary for an understanding of the many aspects of this industry.

Through the familiarization with electrical theory, its practical application and resulting products, the student will become a better consumer of related products. The student will develop a better understanding of the contribution of electronics to our society. Through demonstration, experimentation, and practical application of principles the student will develop good work and safety habits, as well as attitudes, which will contribute to his ability to function within society.

This course is designed to be thirty-six weeks in length. It will meet for fifty minutes per day, five days a week. The class is open to students of the tenth grade level and above who are interested in Electricity-Electronics and are physically able to participate in the activities.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only