Date of Defense




First Advisor

Wendy Cornish

Second Advisor

Nina Nelson

Third Advisor

Jane Baas


When I began thinking about my Graduating Presentation, I could not decide what kind of piece I wanted to create. I was wrestling between the idea of a flowing work with movement dictated by the music, and a series of theatrical segments that used random humor. I wanted to create a piece that would challenge me, display my talents, and show a new side to my choreography. I found out that my fellow BFA candidate had decided to leave the program in November. At first, this news left me horrified. How could I do all the work for this project alone? Who would come to see a show with only one piece performed? After thinking it over for an hour or two, I came to a decision: I would have to put on a full-length concert by myself.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only