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First Advisor

Scott Thornburg

Second Advisor

Dr. John Lychner


Artist/teachers who perform and teach at universities across the country have an important role in the education of the next generation of musicians. These private teachers pass on the styles and techniques of Western art music in a one-on-one setting. Although there have been studies of the content that is taught by trumpet artist/teachers, there have been few attempts to look at how these professional musicians interact with their students. This study acquired information about the teaching methods and techniques of four master artist/teachers through an interview process. The interviews have been edited for clarity and published along with the original transcripts. The responses of the four artist/teachers were compared and discussed. There were many areas where all four teachers agreed in their responses and there were also areas where there were four very different opinions. However, each subject has an established record as an excellent artist/teacher, and learning about their personal ideas and methods can be very useful to current trumpet teachers and students. Although there were many differences of opinions, each teacher was passionate about both playing and teaching, and these two areas appear to be inseparable aspects of their musical careers.

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Honors Thesis-Campus Only