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Biological Sciences

First Advisor

Arthur Diani




The nervous system, as any anatomist would agree, is one of the most complex and intricate systems of an organism. It controls every thought, movement, and sense perception of an organism relative to its environment. Numerous scientists have spent their lives probing its intricate morphological structure and function in order to better understand its significance. Consequently any such anatomical study of the nervous system requires a high degree of skill and individual technique and thus is rarely undertaken in any normal scholastic endeavor. It is both this lack of facilitation and an individual desire to gain a greater understanding of the structural and functional relationships of the nervous system that has led to the pursuit of this investigation. This study consisted of both an anatomical and histological examination of the nervous system of Felis domesticus. Initially, a comprehensive gross structural analysis of the nervous system was undertaken. Various dissection methods and approaches were employed in order to completely uncover the nervous constituents and display them in an orderly fashion. After having completed the gross dissection, the microscopic structure of nervous tissue was examined using several histological staining procedures.


Includes plates.

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Honors Thesis-Campus Only