Date of Defense




First Advisor

John Campos

Second Advisor

Mike Roche

Third Advisor

Bob Weston


A recording engineer needs a great deal to succeed, including an understanding of recording equipment, signal processors, and microphones; the ability to clearly and diplomatically convey instructions, requests, and opinions; and, most importantly, experience. Hours logged in a recording studio allow young engineers to develop their skills and their ears, anticipate and avoid future mistakes, conduct efficient and productive recording sessions, and deliver a quality product to a client. This thesis is meant to demonstrate improvement in my abilities as a recording engineer as well as overall competence in the field. In addition, the thesis will catalog the steps I have taken beyond normal class requirements to aid in my development. Please note: the audio portion constitutes the bulk of my thesis; it is evidence of improvement, dedication, and accomplishment. The written portion is a chronological overview of my progress.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only