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First Advisor

Dr. David Little

Second Advisor

Dr. Kevin Wanner

Third Advisor

Rebekka Hoffmann


Introduction The ultimate purpose of this thesis is to serve as a representation of my four years of study at Western Michigan University. With a major in music and a minor in comparative religion, it is my goal to somehow use both in my eventual career. As I look back at the last four years, I think of my time in college as a journey to try to make all the pieces fit. Everything I did, every class I took, and every moment I experienced were all part of the puzzle- part of the broader picture. I attempted to reflect this idea in my thesis by taking both my major and my minor and fitting them together. The content of this thesis is divided into three parts. In the first part, I take a look at the music of the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Church during the late sixteenth century. Jumping ahead to the third part, I examine the predicament of Athanasius of Alexandria as one theological stance that he takes thrusts him into a lifelong political battle. Bridging the first and third parts, the second part analyzes Athanasius and his interest in the Book of Psalms - a focal point of the lyrical content for the music of the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only