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First Advisor

Dr. Ben Wilson

Second Advisor

Dr. Shirley Scott

Third Advisor

Dr. Jorge Febles


The intent of this research paper is to acknowledge illiteracy as a problem in the United States. Illiteracy has been a problem for many years and continues to cause our federal government large amounts of money each year in efforts to increase the number of literate Americans.

I cover many different sides of illiteracy because it affects many aspects of American life. First, I review the definitions that researchers and scholars in the field have advanced. Next, I describe child and adult illiterates pointing to social and economic factors that are involved. Then I review the methods and programs developed so far to combat illiteracy and note the problems encountered by these efforts. I also note the special concern for children "at risk" and for athletes in high school and college. Finally, I consider the problem of illiteracy in the workplace and the problems that can be encountered as technology continues to progress.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only