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First Advisor

Dr. Leigh Ford

Second Advisor

Dr. George Robeck

Third Advisor

Dr. Camille Vandeberg


The expansion of businesses into foreign markets is adding to the effect of what is known as a global village, creating a wealth of opportunity for businesswomen (Rossman 1990). One's effectiveness in an organization is often dependent on one's communication. For women in organizations, gender often influences the perception of her effectiveness. U.S. businesswomen are accustomed to communication rules and gender roles based on American ideology, but, as they move into intercultural business, they will come across other cultures which will have different gender roles and communication styles.

The French and American cultures are two which share in the Western tradition, yet differ in current manifestations. American research literature asserts that communication differences reflect power and status differences between the sexes. What sort of communication differences exist between the sexes in France, how do they reflect power, and how will this impact the effectiveness of an American businesswoman in France?

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only