Date of Defense

Spring 4-20-1992


Biological Sciences

First Advisor

Robert Eisenberg, Biological Sciences

Second Advisor

Stephen Friedman, Biological Sciences

Third Advisor

Dale Schubert, Dow Chemical


A study was conducted of an emulsion plant to find the source of bacterial contamination in the emulsion and to develop a method to control it. An organism similar to the one in the end product was found in a raw material. The growth of the "Proxel1-resistant" organism was controlled by storing the emulsion at 65°C. Combinations of low levels of Squelch2 220 were effective in preserving emulsions A, B, and C. Combinations of Dowicil3 75 and Kathon4 LX were also effective.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to the proprietary nature of items contained in this report, some names/descriptions have been changed or deleted. These changes in no way affect the results or conclusions contained in this report.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only