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Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Allen Carey-Webb

Second Advisor

Yue Gang

Third Advisor

Robert VanCamp


Without question, the structure of the world and the face of America are changing dramatically. Terms like "globalization" and "global village" are discussed widely, and almost all educators agree that schools must change in order to reflect the transformation rapidly occurring in the world. Public schools must prepare students to navigate in an America that is now far more diverse. Efforts to create a multicultural curriculum have been successful in cities across America, and the inclusion of African and Latino studies has increased dramatically during the past thirty years. Some cultural groups, however, have not gained such significant recognition. Studies of Asians and Asian Americans have increased somewhat, but more and renewed efforts must be made to fully include this cultural group. Many Asian studies scholars explain that the "stereotype of Asian Americans as a successful 'model minority' who have 'made it' in America is inaccurate and in need of careful re-evaluation" (Kumagai, 2). Asian Americans now makeup an increasing percentage of the U.S. population and deserve more careful attention and study.

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Honors Thesis-Campus Only