Date of Defense

Summer 6-22-1977


Biological Sciences


The purpose of this study was to describe the bird populations of Martha Mott Sanctuary as a basis for future work there and as a service to anyone wishing to use the area. It was at first thought that a forest like the Oak Forest of the Mott Sanctuary (Fig. 1) with its invading red maple (Acer rubrum) (Table 3), a more mesic species, would show bird populations intermediate between those of the more xeric oak forests exemplified by 2 sutdies in the Allegan State Game Area (Gottshall 1969, Wenger 1970) and those of more mesic forests (Adams 1977, Bond 1957, Brewer 1966, Williams 1936, and others). When it was found that this was not the case and that the populations showed abnormalities which were not typical of either xeric or mesic woods, and attempt was made to give some explanations for the findings. This paper is the result of both original population description and the attempt to explain the abnormalities mentioned.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only