Social GPS Game for Android

Date of Defense

Spring 4-17-2011

Date of Graduation

Spring 4-28-2012


Computer Science

First Advisor

John Kapenga, Computer Sciences


Games, Mobile Devices


Game applications are fast becoming popular on mobile devices, especially those that incorporate social elements. A social GPS game was created for Android, an open-source operating system for mobile devices. The client for this project was WickeyWare, LLC, a small business founded by graduates of Western Michigan University’s Computer Science Department, specializing in the development of mobile gaming applications. WickeyWare wanted a social item collection game developed for Android devices. Development for this project was conducted in accordance with Extreme programming (XP), a software development method that advocates short development cycles and close client interaction. The application uses the Google App Engine web platform for data storage and retrieval. The game is played by users who can interact with other players to send and receive virtual in-game items. The concept of this application shares many similarities with geocaching, an activity in which participants use GPS devices and other navigational techniques to find containers, called "geocaches". Geographic location via GPS tracking, available in most modern devices, is used to facilitate this player interaction of trading virtual items; which can only be exchanged within local areas. The application provides mobile device users an easy and entertaining way to interact with other local users.


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Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only

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