Andrew Dobbs

Date of Defense


Date of Graduation



Civil and Construction Engineering

First Advisor

Valerian Kwigizile

Second Advisor

Pingbo Tang

Third Advisor

John Polasek


Road design


On April 17th, 2012, my team of Civil and Construction Engineers gave a presentation on our recommendation for the reconstruction of I-94 I-69 interchange. Our recommendation consisted of many aspects that were taken into consideration. Our analysis and recommendation is fully portrayed in our thesis.

In order to make a good design, we first had to understand the problems with the current design. All of the problems were located in one area of the interchange; this led us to define our design recommendation to only that area. Once the constraints and problems were identified, the preliminary horizontal design started. Three different alignment alternatives were made based on design speed, superelevation, and radius of curvature. With the help of our advisor and client, an alternative was picked for further design. Following the finalization of the horizontal alignment, the superelevation was found at every point in the interchange. In order to design the vertical curves, we first had to figure out the minimum elevation of the roads to make sure the interchange did not flood during the 100 year storm. The vertical curves were found both by hand calculations and a computer program. Several assumptions were made in order to perform basic earthwork calculations. The last design step was figuring out the amount of wetlands we impacted with our new design. With all the design completed, a cost estimate was calculated. We then recommended our final design to our client.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access