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First Advisor

Steven Feffer

Second Advisor

Dustin Hoffman


Creative writing


Chester’s Place is a one act drama that follows the relationships between a husband and wife and a father and son. The newlywed couple that the drama revolves around is Eric and Raine who reside in Chester’s Place, an apartment building that has taken a turn for the worse. The grounds are unkempt, the apartments are in need of repair, and the tenants are loud and disruptive. The couple decides that they have had enough and are ready to move into a home of their own where they can prepare for the future. In order to hurry the process along, the couple asks Eric’s father, Mr. Gibson who Eric idolizes, to advance them money that Eric received in an accident settlement. The couple comes to find that the money is gone, and Eric finds himself at an impasse with his father. Eric and Raine are forced to put their wish of homeownership on hold and remain at Chester’s Place. Even though the couple’s wish to be homeowners has been postponed, they come to realize that they can not control or plan every aspect of their lives but instead do the best that they can, take their time, and enjoy the ride.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access