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First Advisor

Nicolas Witschi

Second Advisor

Margaret H. Dupuis

Third Advisor

Scott Thornburg, School of Music


In the Garage is an audio podcast containing works by student writers at Western Michigan University who read their stories to be recorded. Coalescing stories, music, and connective segues, the three episode series seeks to explore the theme of nostalgia through the works of student writers. In doing so, a cohesive narrative arc is achieved through the use of theme and connection. Recorded on GarageBand, an apple sound editing product, the project endeavors to bring together disparate stories, poems, and essays together into a collective and cohesive whole accompanied by various musical interludes. The author of the project provides introduction to all works presented as well as a contextual framework for listening. Similarly, the author organizes all materials and connects them to each other and broader themes. Over the course of its three episode series, each installment of roughly 20 minutes connects to different aspects of nostalgia. The first episode presents a collective retrospective look at relationships. The second explores the economic aspects of nostalgia and its commoditization. The third connects with childhood experiences and how they manifest as implicit nostalgia throughout one’s life. In total, nine authors contribute to the podcast and their multiple works are heard throughout the series. In exploring the various writers’ pieces’ relation to the concept of nostalgia, there is an underlying attempt to connect emotionally with the listener and allow him/her to empathize with new perspectives and perceptions.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access