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First Advisor

Ronald C. Kramer

Second Advisor

Don Miller, Internship Mentor


Michigan, media project, disability services


I designed two informational brochures as part of a media project for both the State of Michigan Internship Program (SoMIP) and Disability Determination Services (DDS), which were both host agencies for my student internship during the spring 2012 semester. The purpose of the project is to raise awareness about the programs among college students, as well as to recruit talented students to become future interns for either of the programs. I chose this project because I felt that brochures would be a simple and effective way to distribute information regarding the programs across campuses statewide. I corresponded with both WMU faculty as well as State of Michigan employees throughout the development of this project, to ensure that the brochures met the standards expected out of a professional work.

Further Information: In addition to developing the brochures, I wrote two brief essays as part of my thesis. The first essay discusses the creative process of developing the project, while the second essay analyzes the role of DDS from a sociological perspective. Over the course of creating my project, I was able to utilize academic skills such as performing traditional research, creative writing, and graphic design. Additionally, I was able to enhance my understanding of the role of the host agencies for which I interned.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access (290 kB) (522 kB)

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Sociology Commons