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The presentation of my collection, Permanent Souvenirs, while being a smaller-scale culmination of a year and a half of planning, preparation, and editing, is really a project I could consider to be the capstone to a lifetime of experiences: of daydreaming and wishing, of trying to figure out exactly where I, as a unique human being in this world, as a woman and a young adult, fit into the grander scale of things. Moreover, I accomplished this (or am still accomplishing this) through my writing, which is so much intrinsically a part of who I am that I have ceased to refer to it as my "hobby" or even my "passion." Writing is simply what I do, and before I even came to Western, was inducted into the Honors College, or began thinking about my thesis, it was predetermined that writing would be the crux of the project. Mixed with my more recent forays into foreign language has created a project that is the projection of myself onto paper, in every way possible.

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Honors Thesis-Campus Only